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33rd International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports

33rd International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports

This will be a great pleasure to welcome you in Poitiers, FRANCE for the 33rd annual conference of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports. The conference will be held for the first time in France, the country of E.J Marey and Demeny, notorious precursors in the field of biomechanics. We, the RoBioSS (Robotics, Biomechanics Sport and Health) team of the PPrime Intitute, are particularly delighted to be hosting ISBS2015 in the beautiful city of Poitiers, a Roman world-heritage, and capital of the middle west part of France. The city also holds a strong University tradition as it is the second oldest in France (founded in 1431) and is still today one of cities with the highest percentage of college students. We look forward to meeting and greeting you June 29 - July 03, for a richful experience of tradition, culture, gastronomy and cutting-edge science. Save the date in your calendar!

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