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General Practitioners’ income and activity: the impact of Multiprofessional Group Practice in France

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Publié le 10/12/2019 - Durée : 00:37:57

France has implemented a collective add-on payment to promote Multi-professional Primary Care Group (MPCG). Team based practices are intended to improve both the efficiency of outpatient care supply and the attractiveness of underserved areas for healthcare professionals. To evaluate the attractiveness for GPs and thus the sustainability of MPCGs, we analyze the dynamic of incomes (self-employed and wages) for GPs enrolled in a MPCG compared to others. We also study the impacts of working in a MPCG on GPs’ activity through both the quantity of medical services provided and the number of patients encountered. Based on a panel dataset over the 2008-2014, we run a coarsened exact matching (CEM) and then DiD estimations, and show that GPs enrolled in MPCGs exhibit an increase in income 2.5% higher to that of their other GPs, a faster increase of the number of patients seen by the GPs’ without involving a faster increase in the quantity of medical services provided. A complementary cross-sectional analysis for 2014 shows that these changes were not detrimental to the quality in terms of bonuses related to the French P4P for the year 2014. Hence our results suggest that first labor income concerns shouldn’t be a barrier to the development of MPCGs and second, that MPCG may increase accessibility to primary care for patients.

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